Python could also be a high level, interpreted and general purpose dynamic programming language that primarily focuses on code readability.It has fewer steps as compared to Java and C.It was founded in 1991 by developer Guido Van Rossum.It is utilized in many organizations because it supports multiple programming paradigms.It also performs automatic memory management.

1.Extensive Support Libraries

2.Integration Feature

3.Improved Programmer’s Productivity

4.High-level language

5.Dynamically typed language(No got to mention data type supported value assigned, it takes data type)

6.Object-oriented language

7.Portable and Interactive

8.Portable across Operating systems

9.Presence of third-party modules

10.Extensive support libraries(NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, matplotlib for ploting graphs etc)

11.Open source and community development

12.Easy to learn

13.User-friendly data structures

Applications :

1) GUI based desktop applications(Games, Scientific Applications)

2) Web frameworks and applications

3) Enterprise and Business applications

4) Operating Systems

5) Language Development

6) Prototyping

Limitations or Disadvantages of Python

1.Weak in Mobile Computing

2. Gets Slow in Speed

3. Run-time Errors

4. Underdeveloped Database Access Layers


Python may be a robust programing language and provides a simple usage of the code lines, maintenance are often handled during a good way , and debugging are often done easily too. It has gained importance across the planet as computer giant Google has made it one of its official programming languages.

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