shridhar purandare

Minimum description length (MDL)

Minimum description length (MDL), is that the algorithmic coding theory in computing, regards both model and data as codes. The code length is directly proportional to the generalization capability of the model, here the model provides the shortest description of the data should be chosen. In the above equation, the L(data∣model) can be described as description length …

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Alex Net

Alex Net is the part of CNN (Convolutional neural network). Before going through the Alex Net our job is to understand what is a convolutional neural network. Convolution is the process which is mainly used for applying a filter over an image or signal to modify it. Convolutional neural networks are one of the part …

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Artificial Neural Network is the excited and hottest topic in this generation. The Artificial Neural Network is depending on the Study of the Neural Network. It provides us a general, practical knowledge for learning real-valued vector valued target functions. This ANN is inspired by the study of interconnected Neurons present in the human body. These …

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