Competitive Coding

The word ‘Competitive’ itself suggests that competitive programming/ coding is nothing however a sport to evaluate how briskly and with efficiency you’ll be able to solve a given programming drawback. Sounds motivating right ? Not solely this, what is a lot of interesting is that your capability to unravel CP (Competitive Programming) issues can assist you stand out from the remainder of the group and pen new opportunities for you. To be precise in Competitive Programming you would like to unravel given programming issues by writing code in any programing language you recognize, that works quick and efficiently. a number of sample inputs and outputs also are provided in the question that you just will sit down with, to induce a transparent understanding of the question.

What are the advantages of Competitive coding ?

1. It massively boosts your drawback resolution skills. You train your mind to be efficient at finding sensible solutions as shortly as you encounter a problem.

2. It’s not a brand new topic (yet terribly important), thus there ar a large bunch of free resources to be told and follow from. thus you’re ne’er at a scarcity of help.

3. Competitive programming is needed in cracking nearly each employment interview !!

4. and therefore the most vital one: It’s very fun. You won’t even notice when you would be fully passionate about it.

What ar the stipulations for CP ?

  1. Basics of anybody programing language (preferably C++,Java or Python).
  2. variant enthusiasm to be told.

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