The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines “

Django was developed by Lawrence Journal World in 2003 and released in year 2005.

Django is a python web application framework. It is famous for it’s fast project develpment features. It takes very less time in building the appliacation

Django uses the MVT [Model View Template] approach.

Some Features of Django

  • Open Source
  • Platform Independent
  • Portability
  • Database Support
  • Secure
  • Fast Development
  • Versatile
  • Open Source :
  • It is publicly avaiable at free and helps in reducing the cost of the development.
  • Free to use all Django latest version.
  • Implementation modules can be easily downloaded without any license agreement.
  • It can be downloaded with source code from public repositiry
  • Platform Independent :
  • Django applications are platform independent.
  • A same django application can be deployed on various platforms- if provided with proper django environment.
  • Portablity :
  • Django app are portable can be easily carried from one platform to another.
  • Database Support :
  • Django comes with huge collection of database drivers which help to connect all majore databases of real world implementation like. SqlLite, MySql, MongoDb etc.
  • Secure :
  • Django authentication system Provides a secure way to handle user passwords and accounts.
  • Fast Development :
  • It was designed in such a way that it takes less time to build web application.
  • Versatile :
  • Django is used in development for various types of application : Scientific Computing Platforms, Social Network Sites, Content Management.

Some of the sites which uses django are :

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Mozilla

and many more sites uses django.

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