Emotion Detection In Trading

Emotion Detection Technology provided by artificial emotional intelligence is a new way to improve trading performance. Analyzing facial expressions, eyes movement, skin conductance and personal calendar can help detecting the trader moral situation during the day, the week, the last month or even the next month. It can also help in reducing stress, improving concentration and guiding to better decisions.

An emotion detection device could play a huge role in managing trading risks. Making the trader aware of his emotional state can highly affect his decisions and improve his performance by making him rethink his trades. Specially that traders work in a tough and risky industry putting them under pressure and affecting their emotions. Emotion Detection Technology can avoid that by holding the attention of traders before, after and while taking decisions. Since emotional intelligence and powerful concentration are a must in this high-stake industry emotion detection is a must too.

On another hand emotion detection in trading could help the managers evaluate their team’s performance. Analyzing each trader decisions, risk management & successful trades individually and in group could help managers understand the trader preferences, suitable environment, capacity of trades per day … In addition, emotion detection can lead to a better calendar management. Scheduling meetings, assigning extra tasks and tough weeks, specifying vacations and off-days dates, increasing rates …

Who said that traders only invest in stock markets? An emotion detection investment can pay off for a trader!

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