you will find the color of polo you like. He loves it

I intend to wear this soccer polo shirt for a job where I switch between office work and outdoor work in hot weather. I wanted a collared shirt with a pocket that looks nice, but was not too hot or too nice to wear while doing some manual labor. In other words, cheap enough that if I messed it up working, it didn’t kill me to throw it away.

This shirt seems to fill the bill. It is cheaper than a heavy weight pocketed t-shirt I also bought to evaluate.

Have worn and washed this about three times so far. I wanted this shirt to be a bit loose, so ordered XLarge. It was a little baggier than I liked at first, and the tail was longer than I liked. I have a short torso, so it is hard to get a larger shirt with a shorter length.

After a couple or three washings, the shirt has shrunk ever so slightly, and the length in particular is a little shorter, which is great for me. Color and appearance have held up, and I like the shirt. I have ordered another in size Large, just to check the fit, and web site then I will order more shirt in whichever size I like best.

It is not quite as hot weather friendly as a plain cotton t-shirt, I think the blend makes it just a bit less breathable, but not bad, and so far it is looking pretty good.

he shirt is not 100% cotton so it isn’t as comfortable as some BUT it wears much better and holds it’s shape better because of the small percentage of polyester. I guess this is a fair trade. They seem to go about 6 months of once or twice a week wear and washing cycles before I need to replace them. That isn’t too bad and it is better than the all cotton ones that I used to wear. One thing I really like is that the collars don’t “roll” up and lay flat.

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