Top 10 Things You Should Know As a beginner Web Developer

Every beginner starts their journey in web development learning frontend part, backend part, and a couple of of toolsand technologies which are important to create the online based project. Building your first project or first web aplication the online on your own after numerous struggles is an exciting feeling for the beginners. once you start having tons of expectations from your job but once you enter the industry you discover that your expectations aren’t even on the brink of the important situations and conseqences. Web development may be a huge field, with tons to find out and explore . It are often overwhelming to make a decision what to spend your precious time learning path. But there are some core skills that you simply can calculate this path. These ten skills will improve your website design and development and streamline your workflow.


 HTML is that the backbone of all websites. Some tools will allow you to make websites without writing HTML, but HTML takes your web development to subsequent level. Coding in HTML provides you more control over the content and understanding HTML will assist you diagnose issues speeder. you’ll also add SEO information directly in your HTML to assist web crawlers read your page and increase your visibility. the facility of css has grown. Developers wont to primarily use CSS to define the colour and layout of an internet site , but now it can handle animation and a few interactive design. However, one among its most vital features is responsive design. If HTML is that the backbone of the web site , JavaScript is that the brain. Websites are not any longer electronic versions of newsprint. Users expect interactivity—and interaction is that the basis for several designs lately . to feature this interactivity, you would like a solid foundation in JavaScript.

2.Git and Github

Git is one among the foremost popular version control systems which is employed in most of the organizations. likelihood is that higher that you simply got to work on this version control if you get employment as an internet developer. this is often the rationale you ought to definitely spend a while learning Git and a few basic commands like cloning, pushing to repositories, making a pull request, merging branches, etc. GitHub could also be a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It allows you to et al. work together on projects from anywhere.

3. API (Application Programming Interface)

 In web development you’ll be working tons with APIs which is essentially handling third party data. It allows developers to use a number of the functionality without sharing the code. API is that the short form of Application Programming Interface, which can be a software intermediary that allows two applications to speak to every other. whenever you use an app like Facebook, send a flash message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.  If it’s an outsized project, how will you distribute the work among the team? Will users understand the interface? As an online developer, your role won’t include answering these questions, but it is vital to possess insight into how project management decisions impact development and your workflow.

  4.Browser DevTools

You can do plenty of stuff using browser DevTools like debugging, editing HTML elements, editing CSS properties, checking device, tracking javascript error, etc. Every developer should remember of using different tabs (elements, console, network, etc.) in DevTools to make their work easier and faster. Depends on your browser you’ll use any DevTools like Chrome DevTools, Firefox DevTools or whatever browser you’re using. People generally prefer using Chrome.

  5.Programming Languages

Computers don’t understand human languages and that’s the rationale you’d wish to speak to your system with the programming languages. In web development, programming languages are compulsory to seek out out and each one  the logics you’ll apply employing a good selection of programming languages. Web developers use a selection of programming languages like PHP, Python, Java, Ruby and recently Javascript also giving competition introducing itself  to handle the backend part very easily.

  6.Devops and Deployment

Last but not the littlest amount , as an online developer you need to have the knowledge of maintenance, scaling, migrating and deploying your code on different platforms like cloud,AWS,Heroku,Netlify.etc.

    7.Writing Tests

A lot of developers consider this useless and a waste of some time . For the small application, you’ll ignore writing tests but if you’re building an outsized application we recommend you to write down down tests like unit tests and other kinds  of the test because it helps in making your entire process robust and debugging will become more easier.


Creating an online site is meaningless if nobody can find it. because the amount of websites grows, it’s become more important to increase your website’s visibility and readability to web crawlers, and you’re doing this by program optimization(SEO).

At the very least, you’d wish to understand how web crawlers use the knowledge to rank a site and what they’re going  to and can’t read. this might assist you get the foremost out of adding metadata to your site and elements of the situation that web crawlers cannot view.

   9.A ServerSide Language and Databases

Although you’ll become an online developer without diving into the backend, learning a serverside language will cause you to how more versatile web developer.PHP is over twenty years old but remains an important serverside language knowing. If PHP is powerful enough to be the goto for WORDPRESS, it can definitely handle anything you throw its on the way.

Data is everything lately . To store and access that data, you’d wish to understand databases. There are many different databases, but a superb one to urge started with is MYSQL. it’s an OPENSOURCE database and should introduce you  to online database . All relational databases use a language supported SQL, therefore the talents you develop using MySQL are getting to be transferable to other relational databases.

   10.Project Management

An oftforgotten essential skill for web development is project management skills. it isn’t enough to know the thanks to code; you’d wish to understand the thanks to translate your idea into a product.

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