Cyber Security

As per as the name suggests cyber security is used to protect your computer, servers, mobile even your networks and data from any harmful malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security and even electronic information security.

There are certain categories in which it is divided,

i.  Information Security– 

The information security used to protect the privacy of your data               both as your storage as well as your transit data too.

ii. Network Security

The network security used to secure your device network from   any third party intruders or from any malware. 

iii.  Operational Security

Operational security is generally used under protection data assets, basically it generally runs on medium where all permitted network by user and accessing it and later saves data all that comes under it.

iv. Application Security

The application security keeps your device as well as your software free from all the threats.

v. End to End user Security

Generally you can get caught up by virus from anywhere there is no end to this, so end user security basically and actively monitors endpoint devices to detect and mitigate threats.

There are several threats and this cyber threat is a malicious criminal who seeks to damage data and most commonly steal data.

There are several form of threats,


One of the most common cyber threats is malware, it’s a malicious software that hackers or cyber criminals have created to disturb your system and damage all files and collect data.

The basic type of Malware are,

i. Virus- Its a program which is self replicating and attacks your system and can clean your files or affect it with malicious code.

ii. Ransomware- Its a malware which can look at user data and personal files and can delete it too.

iii. Adware- This one is advertisement software and used to spread the malware to your devices.

iv- Trojans- Its a basic software that usually comes in a disguise in form of legitimate software, after you download it it affects your system and deletes your files and collects your data.


Phishing generally happens when a cybercriminal asks for your sensitive data in disguise of legit company or source. 

SQL Injection-

In this type of cyber threat cyber criminals are used to take over control of your database and this gives them all sorts of sensitive information stored in your database.

Man-in-the-middle attack-

In this type of threat cybercriminal intercept the communication of two individuals in order to steal data.

Denial of service attack-

In denial of service attacks cybercriminal usually prevent your computer system from fulfilling the legitimate request by adding your server with overwhelming traffic.

Some Tips on how to protect yourself from the cyber threats/ cybercriminals.

➤ Though this sounds nothing special but updating your system and operating system with latest security patches will keep your system and files safe.

➤Using strong passwords and adding character to your password can also save you from the cybercriminal upto some extends.

➤Using good antivirus is also a good way to protect your system. The antivirus updates you about the virus and doesn’t let you download that file and save your system from malware.

➤Try to avoid the unprotected public wifi, those are insecure and make your device vulnerable for man in middle attack.

➤Don’t open the unknown link or mail (Untrusted), because this is a common method of affecting your device and getting access to your data/files. So think twice before clicking on anything.

So in conclusion, I would like to add that there are thousands of ways to get access to your data and files, even the personal one too, So in order to protect them all we can do is first to follow all the precautions and double check everything before accessing. Getting more understanding on cybersecurity is also one of the ways.So all I can say that there is nothing save around us to try to protect it.

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