” Photography is the story
that i failed to put
into words”

Every time a person ventures into this great world , they come past many beautiful sights , some choose to ignore it while others plan to capture it

Photography has been a medium for me to express my emotions , and feelings to the world. While growing up as a child i came across many scenic places, which i never got the chance to click a picture of. Therefore as soon as i got my first digital camera i started to click what ever i could find , I have always loved the Heavens , the glorious evening sky were a sight to behold . and i used to click pictures of them every time the sun went down, i never realised how pretty a sunset was until then.

Based in Bangalore this city has many stories and places to adventure . sure it looks like any other city’s in India but what makes it unique is the multi diversity of people their religions and traditions. A photographer might find every corner to be a golden opportunity to take pics.
Some of the great Photo locations Are

Nandi Hiils ( landscape , fashion and nature pics )

KR market (street photography )

Akkayamma Betta Hill ( landscape and nature pics )

mg road ( architectural . street , fashion , urban , pics )

Every day is a new day for some adventures . All you need to do is take that camera and go and shoot ,
This may be the most important thing of photography .
Photography is about connecting with people and learning something new
its not always about going out and taking bangers but it should be
a bit of both ie connecting with people , exploring places , experiencing new traditions and most of all enjoying the entire process and having a lot of fun.
when you get old these photos should be the ” Story of your life ”
you can look back upon and recall those magical moments .
this is

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