Multi-Threading in JAVA

Define Application :: =>Set-of-programs collected together to perform defined action is known as Application. Define Program :: =>set-of-Instructions is known as program. Define Process :: =>According to OperatingSystem,the program under execution is known as process. =>According to Java Environment,the Application under execution is known as process. Define Task :: =>The part of process is known …

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File Handling in JAVA

faq: Define ‘File” class :- =>’File’ class is from ‘’ package and which is used to find the properties of the file like file_path, file_name, file_length, file_exist or not,… syntax: File f = new File(“fPath&fName”); *imp Object Storage with File Storage: =>when we want to record Object Storage onto File Storage,the Object Storage must be …

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Foundations Of JAVA Language

Define Program? Program is a ‘Set-of-Instructions’. Define Programming? The process of constructing program is known as Programming. Define programmer? The person who writes the programs is known as Programmer. Note: After writing the programs, we save the programs with language Extentions Exp: Test.c Test.cpp => The program will have the following two stages: 1.Compilation …

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